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Emoto Labs, LLC offers software development, design, and marketing support to visionaries focused on public good projects.
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We are passionate about making the world a better place for all people. And because we don't rely on external funding, we are able to place people, the environment and happiness at the forefront of all of our projects, not money.

School Counselors Finally Get Their Own Platform.

Helping school counselors organize and collaborate better than every before to better meet the academic, social and emotional needs of their students.

The family oriented student planner

Hey Toto empowers students to take responsibility over their school work and parents to oversee their child’s progress. Parents can create incentives and give praise from within the app inspiring students to get their work done while having fun.

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Measuring the real needs of children to uplift families

Achievia enabels school counselors to measure and support the social and emotional health of their students and engage parents in a whole new way. Enabling them to impact real social change.

Autism Family Support Tool-Box

Friendi allows the guardians of individuals with Autism and other diagnosis to explore resources, events, and connect with other families all while connecting their loved one to friends.

Emoto Labs, LLC

Inspired by Dr, Masaru Emoto’s work on how human consciousness impacts the molecular structure of water. Emoto Labs is passionate about the social, emotional and psychological health of the world. We see the world as one interconnected organism and we want to help make this organism (and the people who embody it) thrive.