Emotional Intelligence

Is your AI sounding too robotic and scaring away humans? Our AI integrations are built to detect and respond to human emotions and are versatile enough to be integrated into pre existing AI models.

Our AEI Integrations

The easiest way to make your AI more human

Emotion Recognition

Easily allow your AI to analyze facial expressions and vocal cues.

Culturally Specific Models

Diversity within the dataset is essential to ensure recognition across various demographics

Emotional Logic Set

Labeling data is a rigorous process that involves annotating emotional states

Human Labeling & Automation

A blend of manual human annotation and automated labeling tends to yield the best results

Quality and Consistency

the quality and consistency of labeled data significantly impact the precision of AI’s emotion recognition capabilities.

Make your AI more human with our AEI Integrations.

Is your AI sounding too robotic and scaring away your customers? Our proprietary data set’s and rules can help bridge the gap.