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Emoto Labs, LLC offers software development, design, and marketing support to visionaries focused on public good projects.
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We are passionate about making the world a better place for all people. And because we don't rely on external funding, we are able to place people, the environment and happiness at the forefront of all of our projects, not money.

Mutual Improvement Space For Men

Apollo X provides a space for men to develop professionally and personally through an unparalleled community. Provide and offer mentorship to other men and develop your network.

The best place to meet new people

TalkFi makes it easy to have conversations with people who share your interests like #anime, #travel, or #gaming, from anywhere in the world. Send unlimited messages for free so you can do less swiping and more socializing. 90,000 monthly active users and growing.

School Counselors Finally Get Their Own Platform.

Helping school counselors organize and collaborate better than every before to better meet the academic, social and emotional needs of their students.

The family oriented student planner

Hey Toto empowers students to take responsibility over their school work and parents to oversee their child’s progress. Parents can create incentives and give praise from within the app inspiring students to get their work done while having fun.

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Measuring the real needs of children to uplift families

Achievia enabels school counselors to measure and support the social and emotional health of their students and engage parents in a whole new way. Enabling them to impact real social change.

Autism Family Support Tool-Box

Friendi allows the guardians of individuals with Autism and other diagnosis to explore resources, events, and connect with other families all while connecting their loved one to friends.

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Women as global change agents

Aquarius creates a space for women to connect and share around important local and global issues relating to education, parenting, gender equality and works to unite women all around the world.

An addiction network for the modern family

Intercession connects the community around drug and alcohol addiction. Connecting users to sponsors, service providers, events, and much more. Together we can solve drug addiction.

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Storytelling for a more connected world

In Real Life takes the power of storytelling to the next level with the power of a world-class social network. Sharing your own story, and capturing the life story of your family members has never been easier

Connecting people during Covid-19

Emoto Connect supports the social and emotional health of people who are negatively impacted by Covid-19 by. It does this connecting them to each other. Breaking barriers of loneliness and isolation during this time of crisis.

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Social Tours that make your next adventure

Tourbot is the worlds first social tour app. Make tours, and re-live the days (tours) of influencers and your peers alike. From Niche coffee spots to hidden gems, Tourbot will get you OFA.

How we help you

Dr. Seuss — 'Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,Nothing is going to get better. It's not.'


UI/UX Design

Putting your vision into a design can be a great first step in breathing life into your startup. We will walk you through the process and provide feedback along the way.



Get guidance on monitoring your startup's key data. Learn to measure feedback from customers or users, and convert this feedback into valuable insights that guide your startup.



Learn how to identify and validate your market and develop product/service messaging that speaks to its specific pain points. After that, explore how to capture the value that your marketing resources generate and convert it into sales.

Software Development

Software Development

Learn how software can supercharge your startup, and the tools and resources to develop yours in an affordable and professional way. From hiring freelancers, managing their work, and billing, we will help you with every step.

Project Management

Learn the best tools and strategies to manage your project, and how to stay motivated along the way.



Learn to develop a brand that speak to your audience and receive guidance on how to maintain brand consistency throughout the development of your startup.

Our Software Development Process

Agile Development


Physics First Principle

An entrepeneurial approach for idea generation.

We've all heard Elon talk about how he looks at things from a physics first principle approach, but how many of us truly understand what that means. Or for that matter, how to apply it. Well this section will describe how you can start looking at your ideas from a physics first principles approach, and start generating some truly original ideas of your own.

Choose a product that you think might be able to be made better,

Reason down from that name brand product in your head and try to identify the fundamental no name brand version of it. fundamental products are just ideas at their most basic state. Once you have broken the idea down to its most fundamental state, you are now ready to reason up from the fundamental to a more ideal, innovative efficient, evolutionary version of that product in your head.

Emoto Labs, LLC

Inspired by Dr, Masaru Emoto’s work on how human consciousness impacts the molecular structure of water. Emoto Labs is passionate about the social, emotional and psychological health of the world. We see the world as one interconnected organism and we want to help make this organism (and the people who embody it) thrive.


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