Need to delete your account?

Apollo X - How to delete your account?

You can delete your account from within the app by navigating to the bottom of the “edit Profile” screen. This process will delete all of your data accept the messages that you have sent to other users. If you would like to delete 100% of you data including messages, you can follow the process below.

Steps to deleting 100% of the data collected by Apollo X

The process is easy!


Send us an email using the email address registered to your account.

Within the email subject and body please include your request to delete all data associated with your account.


We will process your request

We will process your request within 30 days and email you with a confirmation of your data’s deletion.


What data will be deleted?

Upon processing of your data deletion request, we will delete 100% of the data that was collection during your use of Apollo X including: Profile information, messages, updates, etc. No data will be kept that was associated with your account.